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The Mobility Disability Association for Adults “Harkiah” was established according to the letter of the Ministry of Social Affairs No. 6-72218-u, dated 10-20-1427 AH, which is subject to the provisions of the Charitable Associations and Institutions Regulations issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 107 dated 25-6-1410 AH and its executive rules issued by the decision of the Minister of Social Affairs No. 760, dated 30-1-1412 AH, and the instructions issued pursuant thereto, and was registered in its special registry No. 367 dated 18-7-1428 AH.



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إحدى مبادرات جمعية الإعاقة الحركية للكبار (حركية) و التي تهدف إلى المساهمة في تزويج الأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة الحركية

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